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Technics SH-GE90

[[Technics SH-GE90]]
Product: Technics SHG90 parametric equalizer/spatializer - DSP
Manufacturer: {Technics} - Japan
Approx. price.
First, it is a visual indication of musical spectra, and there are several modes of operation, such as normal, inverted, full or part of the spectrum and off.
Second, it is an active parametric equalizer, though I hasten to add not as complex as professional units (which do cost anything from 5 to 30 times its price).
Third, it can be used as a karaoke unit, something I am told turns on our Far Eastern fellow men.
Fourth, it can be used as a spatializer, or simply put, it can simulate various listening environments, such as cinema, church, hall, rock concert, etc.
On top of it all, it's completely digitally controlled, which means great precision, easy repeatability, excellent longevity through a complete lack of mechanics, and above all, memory.

[[SHG90 Input-Output jacks]]

You have a choice of inputs and outputs. You may use either Line In - Line Out or Tape In - Tape Out as alternative sources. Both may be adjusted.

Right, let's take it slower now. First, I completely overlooked its karaoke function. This is a mode somebody might be interested in if they want Eric Clapton to accompany them, but I respect Eric far too much to ruin his guitar playing with my horrible voice. Anyway, Lucio might not be so kind to me after that.

So let's take the spatializer first. This unit offers several preprogrammed modes, which you may use or disregard, as you choose. These modes are: Hall, Live, Disco, Church, Stadium and Theater. As far as approximations of general sound fields go, I'd say these were reasonable ones, but I think of them as examples or first aid kit to the uninitiated. Here's where memory comes to play.

There are five user adjustment sets which may be memorized. This allows you to create your own sound fields as your heart and/or instruments tell you. You can adjust the reverberation delay and frequency balance. Reverberation times vary as per preprogrammed equalizer modes, of which there are six: Heavy, Clear, Soft, Vocal, Headphone Stereo and Car Stereo. You can take any one of these modes, readjust it and memorize it as one of your own. I underline this as reverb time varies with selected mode.

Next, you can adjust the Q factor of the effect. Q factor is related to the width of your frequency adjustment - smaller numbers mean more narrow adjustment spectrum below and above the selected frequency, and vice versa. The Q factor is not a continuous adjustment as in pro equipment, but has two values - 1.8 and 0.7. 1.8 will give you a wide and 0.7 a narrowed down range. This is very useful in two instances which come to mind - adjusting possible room suck-outs and fine tuning speakers in difficult rooms.

Then comes the frequency. It has been split up into many individual center frequencies, these being: 31.5, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 220, 315, 450, 630, 800, 1k, 1.25k, 1.6k, 2.2k, 3.15k, 4.5k, 6.3k, 8k, 10k, 12.5k and 16kHz. That should be enough for most of us, I think. Each can be adjusted in steps of 1 dB up or down, for a maximum of +/- 12 dB. I should think all this would be enough for most of us.

Technics says its response is 15-20.000 Hz at -1dB, its S/N ratio is at -86 dB, THD is less than 0,08% at 1 kHz, and gain balance for each channel is (a rather poor for digital equipment) 1dB. It will output up to 6V, enough to drive any power amp into massive clipping, however, its maximum input voltage is a rather poor 2,3 V. This means it would be best to place it between the pre and power amp sections, or if your integrated has it, the external processor line. It will gobble up all of 17W from your supply line.

However you insert it, the front display will keep you well informed of all your choices and current status - it also has a reasonably good bar graph display, though I've seen better. It's a necessity for adjustment, but also doubles as a spectrum display of your current program, not at all a bad thing to have.


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27/12/2005 06:37 P//  quisiera saber si la voz la podes sacar parcialmente o por completo para el uso del lo probas al comprarlo y de que zona sos
27/12/2005 09:50 R//   Hola!!, el KARAOKE es EXCELENTE!!! aunque depende (como todos), del tono de la voz del intèrprete sobre las frecuencias de los instrumentos que al unìsono suenan, te dirìa que saca hasta el 97 % sinò mas de la voz; te lo pruebo pues lo tengo conectado a la cadena de Sonido de casa y por ùltimo soy de Urquiza (Av. Constituyentes y Av Congreso); Gracias y Salu-a Diego

Usuario suspendido

23/12/2005 06:30 P//  Hola. Te sirven 450$? Saludos
24/12/2005 10:41 R//   Hola "poteron1", lo màximo que te lo puedo bajar es a 480 pesos, porque lo estàn vendiendo a 210 dòlares (o sea mas de 600 pesos) y èste està IMPECABLE!!, inclusive tengo todos los manuales NUEVOS ORIGINALES!!!, Muchas Gracias por tu consulta, Salu-2 Diego
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